Project Tendering

Once all the design, specifications, and pre-construction Documentations items are completed, Build it Services takes the process into tendering Stage. At this point we have created a cost plan/Budget including any financing requirement and expectations and the build has all the inclusions and finishes you desire and invasion. It's now time for Build It Services to hand-pick the builders to tender on your project. I would have people with experience and track record with that particular type of construction quote the job. Build It Services would complete background/research on these construction companies to ensure they are capable of completing the project to a high standard, within budget and with a professional manner.

We ensure all quotes are like for like and that you get the best value to build. We then help you decide which builder to choose by supplying a detailed report of each Building Company and assist with contracts and negotiations. However, we leave the final decision in your hands.

We make it a priority to offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.